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What is online News Portal ?

Online News Portals are the online places from where you can read and upload the latest news of any category on that portal. In present Era Physical Newspaper uses decreasing day by day , and the use of online news portal increasing rapidly. So, Now all the press release agencies like Times of India, Dainik Jaagran, Indian express & many more are heavily investing on the online news portal along with their physical Newspaper.

News portals are served in the form of dashboards for company executives and managers, from where they can manage how the content on a portal should be organized and presented depends largely on the requirements of the end users.

Features of News Portals designed by RR Bazaar

⦁ Customised News Portal Design
⦁ Breaking News Section
⦁ Creative Style
⦁ Easy to Navigate Design
⦁ Colour Scheme
⦁ Integration With Social Media
⦁ Comments Section
⦁ Responsive News Portal Design
⦁ Frequent News Updates
⦁ Advertisement Spaces
⦁ Grid Based News Portal Design

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